On a mission to connect the globe’s brightest minds across the space industry.


At NewSpace Technical, our passion for the space industry resonates through every interaction we have with our clients. These are businesses that are forging new paths, companies that need the brightest minds to help them innovate, grow, and positively influence the future.

Our team of trained experts possesses in-depth knowledge specific to various sectors within the space industry. We understand your recruitment needs and can tailor our services to fulfil these requirements, making your growth process both smoother and quicker. We’re here to help your visions materialize and to ensure your scaling efforts are efficient and effective.

Service offering

At NewSpace Technical, we pride ourselves on our industry expertise, offering tailored recruitment solutions across the Infrastructure, Geospatial, and Satcom sectors. Each consultant within our team specializes in a specific location and is skilled in filling positions across a broad spectrum of roles, whether they’re permanent, contract, or executive-level vacancies. Whatever your specific needs, we ensure that the right expert is at your disposal to deliver results effectively and efficiently.

We firmly believe in the power of strong, enduring partnerships. Our goal is to forge lasting relationships with our clients, accompanying them on their growth trajectory over the years. We aim to be more than just recruiters; we aspire to be trusted advisors who consistently deliver for our clients, contributing significantly to their long-term success.


At NewSpace Technical, we deeply value the diversity that fuels innovation in the space industry. We strive to partner with our clients in cultivating a workforce that represents a rich tapestry of perspectives, ethnicities, genders, educational backgrounds, and experiences. We believe that such diversity is a potent catalyst for revolutionary ideas, accelerating the pace of progress and discovery.

Our commitment extends to championing individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, connecting them with organizations that value their unique insights and potential. By fostering such connections, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable workforce, paving the way for a brighter, better tomorrow.

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Our Values


Diversity & inclusion

We recognize that diversity breeds innovation. A varied mix of cultures, genders, races, backgrounds, and experiences is the key to creating a dynamic and impactful team. We champion diversity and inclusion, and we seek to promote it in the space industry by recruiting and supporting a wide range of talent.


Company culture

At NewSpace Technical, we believe in cultivating a workplace culture where every individual feels valued, inspired, and empowered. We provide our team with the necessary resources, tools, and supportive leadership to achieve their personal and professional goals. This is reflected in our ongoing journey to become a B-Corp organization, demonstrating our dedication to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.



We understand that a better future starts with us. We’re on a quest to become a Net Zero company, offsetting our carbon footprint with Ecologi and encouraging our suppliers to do the same. We’re committed to making our business as sustainable as it can be, always seeking new ways to minimize our environmental impact.


Trusted service

Trust is at the heart of what we do. Our clients and candidates trust us to understand their goals and help them achieve them. Our expert recruiters undergo continual training to stay ahead in the fast-evolving space sector, ensuring we always deliver the highest standard of service. We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and offer an exclusive service that meets these requirements. At NewSpace Technical, we don’t just find people jobs—we build partnerships that last.

“Highly recommend”

Jake helped staff a crazy amount of designers when I first joined Apollo.io. He can always present you with the best talents with efficiency and speed. Highly recommend hiring him as your recruiting partner when you want to hire great and fast.

Client – VP Design


Leadership experience


Trees Planted / CO2


Working Days to Fill Permanent Roles


Jake is an absolutely phenomenal recruiter and a kind, humble, exceptionally sharp person who is really pleasant to engage with. He communicated with our team regularly, listened to our concerns as a rapidly growing company, and went above and beyond to ensure that our business goals were considered appropriately throughout the recruitment process.

Jake sources and brings on only highly talented candidates with the qualities a team both knows they’re looking for and those which they might benefit from but not yet fully be aware of. That latter part is super important when understanding that all companies and managers have our blind spots, but Jake helps us to see the full picture in a really rigorous manner.

In my mind, what distinguishes a world-class recruiter from the others is their compassion, empathy, and genuine consideration for ensuring the best outcomes for the businesses they support as well as the candidates they work with. Jake is as world-class as they come.

Client – VP Design



If you’re considering partnering with us for a current or upcoming recruitment project, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about NewSpace Technical, we’d love to connect. Please feel free to schedule a consultation call.