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At NewSpace Technical, our mission is to work with the brightest minds in engineering, technology, and various space-related fields, contributing to the dynamism and innovation that characterizes the space industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the space sector or an aspiring newcomer, our commitment is to help you reach your career aspirations.

The space industry spans a multitude of domains, from renowned fields such as rocket and satellite manufacturing to emerging disciplines like Space Medicine and Data & AI. We want to become your trusted partner in this journey, assisting you in navigating the diverse opportunities within this expansive sector. If you’re passionate about advancing or building a career in space, we’re here to help you launch.




The Infrastructure sector within the space industry forms the backbone of our ventures into space, and it’s an area of growing opportunities. For engineers, project managers, and other professionals involved in the design, creation, and management of the physical systems needed for space exploration, this field offers a chance to contribute to something truly out of this world.

At NewSpace Technical, we understand the unique skillsets required in this demanding sector and have built connections with leading companies seeking these skills. Our role is to match you with those opportunities that will push your career boundaries, enable you to innovate, and ultimately, be part of shaping the future of space exploration. Whether you’re just starting or looking to progress in your career, we’re here to help you navigate the Infrastructure sector in the space industry.

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The rapidly advancing Geospatial sector within the space industry offers a vibrant landscape for professionals with a knack for data capture, remote sensing, analysis, GIS technology, and satellite navigation. It’s here that we can truly visualize and comprehend our world from a new perspective.

At NewSpace Technical, we’re acutely aware of the skill sets that this dynamic field demands. Our strong connections with leading companies in the sector allow us to provide you with the career opportunities that can truly harness your potential and drive your career forward. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or an ambitious newcomer, we’re committed to helping you make your mark in the Geospatial sector, ultimately contributing to the deeper understanding of our world and beyond.

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Satellite Communications (Satcom) is the lifeblood of the space sector, underpinning our connected world and enabling leaps in technological innovation. As the Satcom industry continues to flourish, NewSpace Technical is primed to propel your career in this vibrant field.

With a profound understanding of the Satcom sector, we are dedicated to connecting you with the most exciting and impactful opportunities. In a competitive market, NewSpace Technical stands out for its ability to navigate this fast-paced industry. We’re committed to pairing the brightest minds with visionary teams that are propelling the Satcom field forward. Let us help you be a part of the global force that’s shaping our interconnected future.

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The realm of Upstream Space is the pioneering frontier of the space economy, focusing on the design, manufacture, and launch of space objects. It’s the arena where raw ideas and concepts transform into tangible spacecraft and tools that help us delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe. Upstream companies literally “look up”, their endeavours cantered on propelling our understanding and presence into space.

From advanced research and engineering to the creation of specialized materials and components, upstream space activities are as diverse as they are crucial. These companies are the driving force behind the technology that opens the universe to our exploration, playing a critical role in the space ecosystem.

Embarking on a career in upstream space with NewSpace Technical allows you to widen your horizons, challenge your skills, and be part of the innovative force shaping humanity’s future. We connect you with opportunities that inspire innovation and growth, helping you navigate a career path as vast and exciting as the universe itself.

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Downstream Space represents the earthly application of space-derived systems, data, and information. This sector transforms the raw data collected by upstream activities into critical applications, products, and services that weave seamlessly into our daily lives. With elements ranging from navigation and Earth Observation to emissions monitoring and satellite communications, downstream space is a vital and rapidly growing facet of the space industry.

Downstream space companies specialize in harnessing the vast reservoir of data and services supplied by their upstream counterparts. The possibilities here are as diverse as the industries they serve – from military and national security to navigation, meteorology, and satellite communications. These organizations transform the promise of space technology into reality, fuelling advancements across various sectors globally.

Yet, to translate the intricate data from space into practical applications, downstream space companies need the brightest talent. If you have the skills and ambition to transform space research into groundbreaking solutions for humanity, NewSpace Technical is here to connect you with that perfect opportunity.

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We recognize that diversity breeds innovation. A varied mix of cultures, genders, races, backgrounds, and experiences is the key to creating a dynamic and impactful team. We champion diversity and inclusion, and we seek to promote it in the space industry by recruiting and supporting a wide range of talent.


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At NewSpace Technical, we believe in cultivating a workplace culture where every individual feels valued, inspired, and empowered. We provide our team with the necessary resources, tools, and supportive leadership to achieve their personal and professional goals. This is reflected in our ongoing journey to become a B-Corp organization, demonstrating our dedication to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.



We understand that a better future starts with us. We’re on a quest to become a Net Zero company, offsetting our carbon footprint with Ecologi and encouraging our suppliers to do the same. We’re committed to making our business as sustainable as it can be, always seeking new ways to minimize our environmental impact.


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Trust is at the heart of what we do. Our clients and candidates trust us to understand their goals and help them achieve them. Our expert recruiters undergo continual training to stay ahead in the fast-evolving space sector, ensuring we always deliver the highest standard of service. We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and offer an exclusive service that meets these requirements. At NewSpace Technical jobs—we build partnerships that last.


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